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Landlord Tenant Law vs. Fair Housing Law

The key difference between landlord-tenant law and fair housing law is discrimination based on a protected class.

If you are treated differently by your landlord, property manager and/or any other housing provider based on your identification with a protected class you should contact us.

Fair housing issues typically involve discrimination based on race, national origin or vetran status. Additionally an unwillingness to provide accommodations for residents with physical or mental disabilities including charging fees for assistance animals.

If your conflict or issue does not involve differential treatment based on a protected class then your issue is a landlord-tenant law concern. Unfortunately, our agency cannot help.

Don’t worry! There are many resources for landlord-tenant law:

City of Tacoma Landlord-Tenant Program

Northwest Justice Project

Tenants Union

Solid Ground 

Contact any one of these agencies for excellent support on your landlord-tenant concern.

Landlord-tenant law issues typically involve issues of timely repairs, rent increases, notices and evictions.

Still not sure if your issue falls under landlord-tenant law or fair housing law? Give us a call at 253-274-9523 to find out more.