Landlord Tenant Law vs. Fair Housing Law

Landlord-tenant law issues typically involve issues of timely repairs, rent increases, notices and evictions.

Fair housing violations may involve these elements but are also driven by the presence of a protected class such as a person’s sex, color, race, religion, national origin, familial status or veteran status. A housing provider’s unwillingness to provide accommodations for residents with physical or mental disabilities may also be seen as a violation.

If your housing conflict or issue does NOT involve differential treatment based on a protected class then your issue may instead be a landlord-tenant law concern. Unfortunately, our agency cannot help with landlord-tenant related issues.

Don’t worry! There are many resources for landlord-tenant law:

City of Tacoma Landlord-Tenant Program

Northwest Justice Project

Tenants Union

Solid Ground 

Contact any one of these agencies for excellent support on your landlord-tenant concern.

Still not sure if your issue falls under landlord-tenant law or fair housing law? Give us a call at 253-274-9523 to find out more.