We love providing information to housing providers and other community members! We can train in-person or virtually. Fee for service options are below. Click here to view our free webinars.

Effective August 1, 2023


The Fair Housing Center now offers monthly training to individuals who may require training for employment, as part of a settlement or to further their personal or professional knowledge. See the schedule and register. 

PRIVATE GROUP TRAINING (non-clock hours)

The Fair Housing Center of Washington is committed to providing engaging, high-quality fair housing training for housing industry stakeholders. We’re excited about refreshed content and delivery for new audiences as well as seasoned housing professionals. The Fair Housing Center will provide instruction about federal, state, and local fair housing laws, reasonable accommodation and modification, and current trends/cases. Resource materials will be provided to the participants. The training fee includes up to three hours of training and training materials for all participants. The maximum number of participants in each training is 100.

 FEES (either virtual or in-person)

  • $750 for up to 50 persons
  • $850 for 51 – 80 persons
  • $950 for 81 – 100 persons
  • $150 per hour for additional hours of instruction

The Fair Housing Center will no longer track attendance for private trainings. Each organization must track their own attendance.  We will not be responsible for any other costs, including but not limited to promotion, training facility, audio/visual, accreditation, or maintaining records of the training.

MILEAGE FEES (for in-person only)

If the training location is more than 20 miles from the Fair Housing Center office in Tacoma, Washington, then the following additional costs will be added to the fee:

  • 21 – 30 miles: $100
  • 31 – 45 miles: $150
  • 46 – 60 miles: $200
  • 61 – 100 miles: $250
  • 101 – 120 miles: $300
  • Over 120 miles: TBD based on location, accommodations and time of year.

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