What is Testing?

Testing refers to the use of individuals who, without intent to rent or purchase a home, apartment, or other dwelling, pose as prospective renters or purchasers to gather information that may indicate whether a housing provider is complying with fair housing laws. This information may be the only evidence available to prove that a housing provider has engaged in unlawful conduct.

How to Become a Tester

If you are interested in becoming a tester, you must complete a tester application that includes a Washington State Patrol criminal history form. Testers must not have any history of felony convictions, interest in the outcome of the testing, be a real estate professional, or have a conflict of interest relating to any housing, loan, or insurance entity.

Click here to view the full job description and apply.

For more information about becoming a tester please contact us by phone at (253) 274-9523, or by email at info@fhcwashington.org.