Tester Job Description

Tester Job Description

$16/hr + TRAVEL reimbursement (limited)

Work is assigned as needed and based on tester availability.

Working hours are 8:00AM – 6:00PM Monday – Thursday.


Testers are assigned to act as home seekers and simulate ordinary housing transactions for the purpose of gathering credible and objective information about housing market practices. This is done over phone, email and in person. Testers may also be required to testify about their test experiences in court (in rare cases). The following are essential:

  • Participates in and successfully completes the training program for fair housing Testers, including refresher and/or supplemental trainings as required.
  • Conducts tests in accordance with test assignments, instructions, and general testing guidelines.
  • Testers cannot have prior felony convictions or convictions of crimes involving fraud or perjury.
  • Ability to play the role of a home-seeker in a variety of situations.
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and written).
  • Attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Access to a personal and private email account used only for testing and phone number
  • Commit to checking email and phone at least once per week while employed as an active Tester.


All Testers must not have: (a) an economic interest in the outcome of any test, without prejudice to the rights of any person or entity to recover damages for any cognizable injury, (c) be a relative of any party in a case, (c) have had any employment or other affiliation within one year, with the person(s) or organization to be tested, or (d) be a licensed competitor of the person or organization to be tested in the listing, rental, sale or financing of real estate (e) history of felony convictions (f) be a real estate professional (g) or have a conflict of interest relating to any housing, loan, or insurance entity.

Testers must also have all of the following: (a) valid driver’s license, (b) auto insurance, (c) regular access to a vehicle that can be used for testing activities, and (d) willingness to travel throughout FHCW’s service area.

How to Become a Tester

If you are interested in becoming a tester, you must complete a tester application that includes a Washington State Patrol criminal history form. Fill out our new easy online application.

For more information contact us by phone at (253) 274-9523, or by email at info@fhcwashington.org.